About Us

Founded in 2012, The Trucking Network is a Canadian English and Punjabi bilingual publication. We are dedicated to the hard working professional drivers and their families across North America, and our magazine caters to different communities including South Asian Community truckers who make up the largest ethnic group in the industry.

Along with an active online presence and the operation of top-notch networking events, we publish online magazines which are freely available across Canada. We believe in providing high-quality services and relevant, up-to-date information to all of our audience. Being a widely-read publication, we attract a large audience of drivers, industry members, and advertisers.

Our media success and presence is what we leverage to bring you an online job seeker application uniting employers with prospective employees. Job Seekers can directly apply to the companies who have partnered with us who are listed on our website at www.thetruckingnetwork.ca.

Through our publications, networking events, and growing online presence, we intend to provide a platform where everyone can share their knowledge and experience. The trucking industry is booming, experiencing the greatest driver shortage in history, and full of opportunities for those looking for meaningful careers. We feel there is a huge communication gap between drivers, owner operators and trucking companies. To assist in opening the lines of communication and trying to help them understand each other’s needs, we organise Job Fair events in different parts of Canada to support the industry and to help find qualified, safe drivers to keep those big wheels turning.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to provide our readers with critical business news, a wide variety of technical updates, new product knowledge, all with the goal of helping enable more efficient business operations. We provide the best advice and information on new rules and regulations which you may face in day to day operations, and we can introduce job seekers and companies so workers can get working quickly.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to operate with integrity, innovation and continually in pursuit of cost-effective services. We at The Trucking Network will provide, through continuous improvement:

  • a vital contribution to the industry
  • our clients’ with strategies for success
  • overall increased economic prosperity
  • collaborative initiatives, and
  • industry related awareness for the well-being of our communities.

Our Team

Our Team at The Trucking Network is made up of dedicated, intelligent, and hard-working individuals who all share, amongst other things, a driving passion for the trucking industry. This Team is agile, knowledgeable, and committed to the high-quality of service our clients have come to expect. We work with those in the industry to better serve the industry that supports us all.

Partners in our Success