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The Trucking Network hosts events, both in-person & online, bringing the trucking industry together to meet your hiring needs in person in real-time. Our events also help to collaborate and learn the latest in and about the industry from well-known experts.


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June 11, 2022 an in-person Mega Job Fair Event
@Bingemans Convention Centre, Kitchener, ON

Registration is open now.

The Trucking Network Mega Job fair event is held once a year in summer in Kitchener, ON @Bingemans Convention Center. This event covers the area of Kitchener, Waterloo, and surrounding suburbs. Kitchener, ON is well known for high demand from top fleets for filling in different job openings across the company, for truck drivers/owner-operators, and experienced trucking professionals. This includes mechanics, dispatchers, health, safety, compliance officers, and many others.

For job seekers, a job fair can be a valuable opportunity to:

  • Explore careers and about job market along with Trucking, transportation and logistics market trends
  • Meet top fleets and make a positive impression
  • Interview for available positions

for fleets, service providers, and all other companies

  • Build Relationship by strengthening existing connections while building new ones
  • Stay updated with other like-minded yet diverse individuals from our industry, you are bound to hear about innovative new and current trends to help you grow your business and improve your skills
  • Appreciate the people in the trucking industry because society is more aware than ever of the heroic efforts of professional drivers to keep shelves stocked, so join us so we can show you how appreciated and valued truckers are currently being perceived.
  • Innovate with new ideas as in our event successful leaders and up-and-comers from throughout our industry will be present to share their unique perspectives on the innovation and ideas in transportation.

Keeping the COVID-19 Variants in consideration, all federal and provincial guidelines/ protocols will be adhered

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Networking events are a great way to learn about the business techniques of your peers and stay abreast of the latest industry trends.



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