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The Trucking Network hosts events, both in-person & online, bringing the trucking industry together to meet your hiring needs in person in real-time. Our events also help to collaborate and learn the latest in and about the industry from well-known experts.

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The move from classroom and videos to online digital training was massive as it helped truck drivers to utilize mobile, iPads, laptops, and tablets for training while they’re on the road and working.
For in-class training, you either need to interrupt your everyday business or you need drivers/staff to give up their time off.

This doesn’t work in reality? Neither options are good enough. Another challenge is getting people to focus and motivate to learn, and you end up with a disruptive, expensive exercise that never reaches most of the potential.

Digital online training and certification will enable more interactive training content. With a customized and personalized learning paths everyone of your driver/staff gets exactly what they need with no time wasted on information they already know, so the overall efficiency will improve.
If you are into health and safety, compliance, owner operator, driver, mechanic or in any other related field and need to upskill yourself because you need to you can select just the courses you need available in English, French and Punjabi (few courses). If you are the one that need trainings? Can’t afford Time off? Need to learn the latest? That is no problem when you are with TTN online training program. TTN online training makes it easy for you to register your people into courses, track their progress, and print training records and completion certificates.

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