Why Attend

We’ve all been living with the fact that networking events are important for our business, career, growth, and many other aspects, but many of us still don’t attend such types of events.

As a trucking company or professional there will be a number of opportunities to attend events being offered to you. We believe that networking is a crucial stepping-stone for both companies & professionals, and can only be of beneficial in lots of different ways. Following are the top six reasons why should you attend a networking event:


Build Relationships

What do you get when you gather progressive, intelligent, and like-minded individuals from our industry together in one place? You get a networking event sure to help you acquire key connections to help build your future. Trucking can, at times, present very few networking opportunities due to the isolating nature of the work and virtual events like this give you the ability to build your professional network with a minimum investment of time and effort.

The current global pandemic has made connecting with others extremely challenging, and professional drivers have to deal with this isolation on top of an already challenging role. Our virtual event can provide some valuable networking and human connection in an easy-to-access format.


To Socialize

In contrast to other industries, professional drivers often spend little time in the company of their colleagues and, as a result, the work can get lonely and isolating. When they are at home, these drivers are often unable to engage in discussions about their industry because they may not have friends and family who are also involved in trucking. A virtual networking event gives drivers the opportunity to talk about their work with interested individuals. Who knows, you might make some new friends.

COVID-19 has made socialization much harder than it has been in the past. Come join us for a day of fun where you can meet new friends in a safe, online environment.


To Benefit From New Ideas

The successful people in our industry are often happy to share their expertise with those willing to listen. Virtual job fairs provide you with the opportunity to see what ideas are out there that can help you in your career – and also what ideas have been proven to be undesirable. Not only is it important to keep up on the regulations, but it is also important to keep up with current business and employment practices.

The current pandemic has highlighted many of the changes around the world, but outside of driver appreciation initiatives, changes in the trucking industry are not widely shared outside the industry. Our virtual event gives you the opportunity to see how our industry is continually evolving.


To Be Motivated

The Trucking Network is committed to bringing you the best possible access to relevant news, events, job postings, and communications. Our virtual job fair carries on our tradition of building connections in the trucking industry. Attend our event to see our passion for trucking in action and watch how your own interest in your industry grows.

Professional drivers are some of the heroes of the pandemic. Companies are offering attractive deals for qualified drivers, so come and see what recruiters have to say.


To Keep up-to-Date With Trends

The trucking industry is constantly changing and evolving due to innovation and changing regulations. Our virtual job fair provides you with the opportunity to see what is trending, what is changing, and what opportunities are present in the industry today: both for business leaders and job seekers.

The closure of in-person events has made it extremely challenging to keep up to day on the ways in which the industry is changing. A day spent connecting with other members of the industry is sure to help you stay in touch with trucking in Canada.


To Connect With Key Influencers

The trucking industry has key players: individuals who are leading, influencing, and shaping the direction our industry will take. You won’t meet these people without getting out there and participating in events like our virtual job fair. Come and see what leaders are doing to shape the industry and how best you can gain from trucking.

These industry influencers are incredibly accessible via online formats at events like our virtual job fair. And while it there is hope that pandemic restrictions may be partially lifting in the coming months, we have a long way to go, so go virtual to stay up to date.

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