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To assist in opening the lines of communication and trying to help them understand each other needs, we organize Job Fair Events in different parts of Canada to support the industry and to help find qualified, Professional & Safe drivers to keep the wheels running.

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The Trucking Network Mega Job fair event is held twice yearly in Brampton, ON @Pearson Convention Center. Brampton, ON and it’s surrounding area including Toronto/GTA is a hub for Top Fleets…
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The trucking industry is booming and is always in need of good employees to keep the wheel running. Please stay tuned for our upcoming events to meet with industry’s hiring needs. TTN organizes multiple…
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Need to hire now or want to get hired - Join the TTN Mega Job Fair Event March 25, 2023 - Brampton, ON

Online hiring and job search can be tricky and lengthy, a fact that TTN in-person Job Fair Events are geared towards!!!



TTN Eastern Edition September/Oct, 2022


TTN Eastern Edition July/August, 2022


TTN Eastern Edition May/June, 2022