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The Trucking Network hosts events, both in-person & online, bringing the trucking industry together to meet your hiring needs in person in real-time. Our events also help to collaborate and learn the latest in and about the industry from well-known experts.

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The Trucking Network “Mega Job Fair Event” is one of a kind for the Canadian Trucking Industry to meet their ongoing hiring needs. The one-day in-person mega job fair event features top fleets, recruiters, recruiting managers, training schools, industry experts, health and safety, service providers, and many other businesses offering job opportunities and business growth. Participants also have access to HR experts, placement companies, and career counselors at the venue.

Transportation Mega Job fair

October 28,2023
Woodstock ON

First Annual Exec Connect Conference

November 29, 2023
Brampton ON

Transportation Mega Job fair

March 23, 2024
Brampton ON

Details will be coming soon
A webinar also referred to as a webcast is an online event that is organized and run by an organization/company or an individual to share through their computers via the Internet. During the webinar, speakers are allowed to share PowerPoint presentations, videos, web pages, or other multimedia content with audiences that can be located anywhere.
Webinars typically have both audio and visual components. The visual component of a webinar is broadcasted through a web conferencing tool or Internet browser.

One Mile At A Time

Secure Logistics

Post-pandemic fleet training programs

The Role of a Transportation Enforcement Officer

The move from classroom and videos to online digital training was massive as it helped truck drivers to utilize mobile, iPads, laptops, and tablets for training while they’re on the road and working. For in-class training, you either need to interrupt your everyday business or you need drivers/staff to give up their time off.
This doesn’t work in reality? Neither options are good enough. Another challenge is getting people to focus and motivate to learn, and you end up with a disruptive, expensive exercise that never reaches most of the read more…

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TTN offers a better option – online training programs that provide the content you need, when, and where you need. With a range of different titles and flexible packaging options, your training requirements just got a whole lot simpler to manage. For infrequent, periodic, or specific training needs, courses can be purchased individually from TTN self-serve Online Portal supported by CarriersEdge. You will get access to the industry’s best online training courses – engaging read more…

Why you choose Trucking Program?

Being a $67 billion industry everything is shipped goes through a truck be it big or small. Whether it is medicines, food, gas, furniture, or even office supplies, Trucking is the channel that takes it to the destination within North America especially Canada. Top fleets, with an aging workforce, are always looking for qualified drivers, which is why fleets and even truck drivers and related professionals turn to TTN for their training needs... read more…
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Previous Events

We at TTN look forward enthusiastically to hosting our Job Fair. But we are also keenly aware that in today’s world, we have a responsibility of ensuring the health and wellbeing of all attendees. We wish all to enjoy the Job Fair worry-free. With that goal, our creative team has cleverly crafted read more…



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