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The Trucking Network hosts events, both in-person & online, bringing the trucking industry together to meet your hiring needs in person in real-time. Our events also help to collaborate and learn the latest in and about the industry from well-known experts.

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Why Trucking?

Employment Opportunities

Being a $67 billion industry everything is shipped goes through a truck be it big or small. Whether it is medicines, food, gas, furniture or even office supplies, Trucking is the channel that takes it to the destination within North America especially Canada. Top fleets, with an aging workforce, are always looking for qualified drivers, which is why fleets and even truck drivers and related professionals turn to TTN for their training needs.

Multiple career options

Trucking is an industry that offers the most number of career options. You can work as a driver, manager, health and safety office, fleet manager, driver trainer, operations manager, logistics coordinator, safety and loss prevention manager, transportation analyst, dispatcher, maintenance manager and more.

Innovation is key to Trucking

You can see the innovation pretty much every day in trucking today.
Trucks now have big personal space, roomy beds, TVs, microwaves and even computers. Many companies have refreshment depots for drivers spread out across the country, with gyms, rest areas, showers, cafeterias and lounges with latest technology you can imagine.

Traveling lifestyle

Get paid to see new places and meet new people. Do you want a flexible work schedule? As you gain experience, you have more of a say in your schedule. You can work short-haul and be home each night, or long-haul and explore the country. There are many options, since this is a industry looking for people.

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