Fleet Executive Summit

Nov 29, 2023

@LionHead Golf Club and Conference Centre – 8525 Mississauga Road Brampton, ON L6Y 0C1

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Prestigious Exhibitors

Our Prestigious Exhibitors bring their unique perspective on the industry to our events. We have representatives from successful carriers, government agencies, and service providers.

When you attend a Trucking Network event, you are sure to be able to meet and connect with key players at these different organisations. And we assure you, they will be as happy to meet you as you are to meet them. If you want to meet important and passionate people in the trucking industry, take a look at our Prestigious Exhibitors list.

The Trucking Network Events

The Trucking Network hosts events, both in-person & online, bringing the trucking industry together to meet your hiring needs in person in real-time. Our events also help to collaborate and learn the latest in and about the industry from well-known experts.



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