About us

The Trucking Network is a Canadian “English and Punjabi” bilingual publishing distribution established in 2012.
The Trucking Network is a Canadian “English and Punjabi” bilingual publishing distribution established in 2012. TTN’s magazine is published monthly and designed to help anyone seeking trucking-related information, operates, services, and maintains trucks and trailers. Its writers deliver news and insights that commercial truck operators need to make informed decisions about buying and maintaining equipment, including trends, product reports, best practices, and technology.
The Trucking Network magazine caters to different communities, including South Asian Community truckers who make up the largest ethnic group in the industry.
Accompanied by print/online magazines, TTN has been helping trucking companies to meet their hiring needs by organizing mega job fair events in Ontario & Alberta. In the year 2019, TTN extended the events to Hamilton and Kitchener, ON. So we have got you covered where you need us – Driver Shortage is a challenge. Let’s address it together!!!

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide our readers with critical business news, a wide variety of technical updates, product knowledge, and to help enable more efficient business operations. We provide the best advice and information on new rules and regulations you may face in day-to-day operations. Introduce an online job portal for job seekers and companies to integrate quickly.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to operate with integrity, innovation, and the pursuit of a cost-effective service. We, at The Trucking Network, through continuous improvement, will provide a vital contribution to the industry, our client’s success, overall economic prosperity, collaborative initiatives, creating industry-related awareness, and our community well being.

Our Team

From the management team to our highly professional designer, editors, publishers, IT Development team, and Marketing experts, everyone has a vast investment and experience in their field. We feature professional writers from the industry to bring you their years of experience and a vast pool of Knowledge. Our consultants have been involved in the trucking industry for ten to thirty years!

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